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Saturday, 26 January 2019


   When you wake up in the morning you pray for flow of income no matter the kind of work you do.

 Today there was an argument at Ikeja between an engineer and those ikeja boys who woo you to patronize them. This happened as one of those boys picked a customer and took him to the engineers shop.

  The boy and the engineer both had an agreement to split the money equally since he brought him customer.
   They agreed #2500 with the customer.when the engineer finished the job. The boy then came to him to tell him that the customer has changed his mind that he his not with enough cash that he his giving them  #2000 the engineer was totally pissed off.
   He had bought new cable before the phone could work, after much pleading from the boy.
   The engineer agreed and collected the #2000.so he gave the customer his phone.
    some minutes after the customer had left the boy who brough the customer came to the engineer to have his share..
  The engineer told him  he bought cable with the money #1000 so they are both going to share the other half equally which will be #500 each.
    The boy refused and he insist he his having his own #1000.now who his right
According to the engineer,he his giving him the #500,since he was the one who did the job and if anything should go wrong with the phone it would be on him.and it will bad for him to take loss after his effort on the phone.
   While the boy who brought the customer said he knows the customer would now be patronizing him all thanks to him.
and since he knows the engineer would not call him or tell him if the customer ever comes to patronize him. So he his to receive his full share and precisely it is the engineer that would be using the cable as well.. Which means the engineer will make more money from the cable and also from the new customer he has gotten him as far as he his concerned he knows the customer would surely bring him more work another time. So he should be paid his own share now.
 He also got into a hot argument with anyone who tries to interfere in the matter.

Is the engineer wrong or the boy?

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