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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

He had sex with my friend and I did same with his friend too

An African lady, while expressing herself and revealing the reason why her boyfriend broke up with her, has said he had sex with her friend and in retaliation, she did same to him.
The lady also stated that her boyfriend turned into a preacher weeks after the incident and he reportedly gave a testimony in church on how God saved him from a terrible situation, which was her.

Read her tweets below 
So my Ex is a preacher now and he is using me as a testimony of how God can deliver you from bad situations. Men are trash.
The thing is, He slept with My friend and I slept with his. He sent long messages after he found out and left. Weeks later he is a preacher at a local church saying how God delivered him, like Dude was that holy in this?

Source lailasnews

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